Make sure to make

So I am making myself a promise. And you should, too!


We all know, recovery sucks. But what it has taught me is that whether you are physically, emotionally, and/or mentally hurting, the best remedy is to express even a drop of that into something, anything! Some days you go mad. Some days you see progress. My promise to myself is this: whether it is a high or low point, I will make. Make anything. Even when depression hits. Even when I can’t find the passion or desire to do so. Even when I have no strength to get through the day. Even when I lose my patience or hope. Even when I feel lonely. Or discouraged. Or scared. Even when I get better. I want to always make. Because when I make, it is the vision that preoccupies my mind, the process that preoccupies my body, and the experiments (both good and bad) that preoccupy my anxiousness. Even a splash of nothingness can spark something. Or it can relieve some tension. Or it can just help waste away the day.


So if nothing else, I will continue to make.


Make sure you find your something ✌🏼


S/o to my fav for always providing me supplies to make with ♥️

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