Acrylic on Canvas Panel

10″ x 8″ – Spoken For –

The story of Lotus…

Keeping the promise to make myself make through it all.
Ever feel like the devil can’t wait to bring his A game once you’ve accepted the burden that God has placed upon you? Well, the past couple of days, Satan has been making his way through any form of joy or relief I can find. But, a promise is a promise. And though I couldn’t make by painting, I involved myself in the process of art by taking and posting these images.
This piece (and two others) is from left over paint drips from two completely different color palettes and styles. They dripped and poured onto the mat below and when I saw the “garbage” that was left behind I thought, there was no way that I could let the left over scraps go to waste. So I placed a clean, white canvas panel on top and let the reactions begin. Once I turned this over I smiled at how the bright and dark hues worked so well together – even creating a foreground and depth. The trash paint drips that I thought nothing of found a way to blend themselves together into a complementary composition that I personally find very interesting.
This is definitely a cheesy post but I couldn’t help but share this…God is the ultimate artist. He takes what we see is our garbage, our trash and He transforms it into something bright and emergent. He takes our darkest parts and uses those to allow our brightest moments to shine even louder. As random as this piece is, it is probably my most favorite reminder that these dark moments will just be in the background someday because God is good.

S/o to my my fav sponsor and motivator: Mateo Diaz



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