From Safety Sally to Risky Ray


So the same weekend that I receive scary news, I also receive a great opportunity. God is too funny! How grateful I am that He has balanced things out.  Also, thanks to the above piece for grabbing some attention and to my family for a last minute jolt of inspiration to create it!

I am the type that has always been cautious and steady, have never broken a bone, never even fractured anything or ever needed stitches. I have avoided all crazy adventures that could lead to those things because of the fear of being hurt. A friend of mine said “well, it’s time that all caught up with you” lol and she’s right! For me, seeing the MRI results and the damage that was done was a relief, because now we know what is going on, but also terrifying for a safety-Sally gal like myself (yes I just made that phrase up).
Anyways, as I am googling my doom, I receive an invitation from a curating organization about displaying my work in the Detroit show. As an architect in training, museums and galleries are of my top fav works of design. As an “artist” it’s a dream to have my personal work displayed anywhere. I’ve taken to art as a coping mechanism but it has crept its way into my being. Being my cautious and calculative self, I reminded myself over and over that this isn’t for anyone but myself. If something becomes of it, great. If not, that’s also great because it has helped me in ways I couldn’t imagine.
Obviously, it is quite fun to be a part of something that appreciates art and design and supports dreamers and makers.  So I’m excited to potentially participate in an art showing in November.  Yes, it is a risk and requires commitment and some investment on my part but I owe it to myself to try.


I am seeing a therapist weekly, she asks me to always look for the positive in any situation.  I was afraid that this week didn’t have any positives as I have been nothing but stressed and worried over my injuries.  Funny enough, I am blessed with some interesting positives that I definitely did not see coming.  What timing!
So here’s to my first ever art show endeavor…will there be more? Who knows!
But I will definitely continue making for others and most importantly, myself.

P.S. As I have just finished writing the above question, I was contacted by another curator for an art show in August. Crazy! So I guess there will be more to come…

Stay tuned!

Be good to you.

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