12″ x 9″ Alcohol Ink on Mineral Paper –

Spoken for –

WOW. What a week!

Physically and mentally I was feeling so weak.  My cousin and her son were visiting from out of town and the family planned on seeing them.  As the day went on, I became more and more exhausted and run down by pain all over.  I wanted to stay home and be left alone in my misery.  Instead, I knew it would be best to at least distract myself with my crazy loud and fun family.

On our way to Goodrich (about 30 mins north of home) I cried to myself and just rode the pity train all the way to their driveway.  I finally gathered myself together and put on a smile for the family.  We spent several hours there, laughing, crying, sharing joys and struggles.  It was the absolute cleanse I needed from the overwhelming month July has been.

On the way home, there was a significant contrast between the person sitting in that same back seat now vs. on the way over there.  Yes, I was still in constant agonizing pain but my heart was full and the love took over.

I hadn’t painted anything for about a week….for me, that felt like an eternity.  We finally arrived home around midnight and I couldn’t wait to get to my desk to create something, anything.  I felt so much emotions, mostly good and I just had to get it out.

This is the funny part – I felt the urge to force myself to create it because I just had to get something out of me that night.  I didn’t even get to finish the piece but I had posted it to dedicate to my family.  The next morning I decided to complete it and show another part of it to the world via instragram 😉

Hours after posting, I received an invitation to participate in an art show in Detroit for local upcoming artists.  Hours later, I received another invitation to an even bigger event in Detroit happening in August.  I created this ink painting as a thank you to my family for getting me through a bad day…and it has turned into a submission piece for art shows that I couldn’t even imagine participating in!

So this piece is called ‘A’iilah’ which is the informal Arabic translation of ‘Family’.  Without my family, I could not have made it through so many dark days and without this piece I would not have found these wonderful opportunities to share my work and hopefully inspire others!!

1So thank you to my crazy and wonderful people ❤ I love you with all of me.

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