Treat yo self 

You know your doctor is truly a healer when she surprises you with spoils like pain cream straight to your door.

Before seeing her, the last doctor I was treated by brought on more anxiety and stress than any help. I only spent ten minutes in his office once a month yet the thought made me cringe.

It took a few people to convince me to speak up for myself and find a doctor who hears me. I’ve now met with more doctors than I even knew existed and I am so blessed to be able to say that I can trust them and that they actually care about people.

Doctors have so much power and sometimes it’s intimidating. It takes time to find one that looks at you like a person rather than a case number (cough insurance claim doctors cough).

So I will speak up for myself and speak whatever truth I feel should be heard and will not be held back by this or that.

You know yourself and your body better than anyone else does so make sure you respect it enough to get the right treatment it deserves!

Happy Healing 🖤

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