Acrylic and Paint Pen on Canvas 

24″ x 36″ 

Available at $650 

‘Rehab’ represents the contrast from living in pain, darkness, and suffering in comparison to a life of hope, light, and energy.  The start of the painting shows a sense of purpose peaking through the haziness of despair.  As time goes by, positivity grows greater and greater; slowly diminishing the days of being haunted by anguish.  Soon enough, this misery is but in the past and joy is alive again.

Working on a larger piece like ‘Rehab’ has me meditating on the meaning of what I’m doing and why. I could not be more grateful to God for helping me find a safe haven for my body and mind. Bless you doctors out there but nothing makes me more anxious and nervous than medical exam after medical exam, treatment after treatment.  Months and months of that has driven me quite mad. So, I’m grateful for an outlet like painting. A time to be selfish, to completely lose myself in a larger vision or these tiny little details that no one else may pay any attention to. To do something that is for me and no one else.

I do love sharing what I love with you all. But, I have to remind myself from time to time that this is for me, it’s mine, my time; a time and activity solely for me and that in moments like these, nothing and no one else matters. No one is watching how fast I’m able or unable to move, no one is examining what I can and cannot do. No one is in my space moving quicker than I can, reminding me of my limitations. No one is around moving in a way I miss being able to move in. No one is here but me and this painting.

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