Thanks for the LOVE

My Dear TheraPatrons,

You guys are incredible.  Your support is unbelievable.  Your patience is unforgotten.

I’ve been reaching a point in which I feel stuck more than ever.  I’m not as scared because honestly, the worst part has already happened, right?  But also because I know God has a path for me – whether I can understand it right now or not.  Even so, trying to figure this out has been an insane challenge and one that I am constantly failing at.  I am about one month away from what will be ONE YEAR since everything changed.  That’s hard to stomach.  Idk when or if I will get over this.  My therapist urges me to find the good in what’s happened and all I had to say was that TheraPaint was born from this mess.  But I find myself reflecting on the connections I’ve made and relationships I’ve built with people that I otherwise wouldn’t have.

YOU guys are what make this even more special to me.  Your feedback, encouragement, support, your LOVE.  I may be crazy emotional and a physical mess but I’m trying every day not to give up and if all else fails, to just keep making a mess.  Interacting with you through my art world has kept me keeping on.

I had to send a thank you out to you amazing souls.

Keep spreading the love



thanks for the love

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