Holiday Gala – Update

What a night! I am so grateful for all of those who came out to celebrate my first solo exhibition! I could not believe the quality turn out we received.  There were so many laughs, good (Mateo and Ana) and bad (mostly me) karaoke singing, honest conversations, and pure love and support throughout the entire space.  This was so special to me in so many ways and I am excited for more to come.

I am so grateful for our generous sponsors: Ron Cooley (this gentleman and his wife could not have been sweeter!) of O’Connor Real Estate, Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company, and Two James Spirits.  DJ Andrew of was not just our fantastic musical personnel, he also took charge of creating a banner to best represent our event as well as to entertain us all.

We also gave away two baskets of goodies that included fresh grounds from Great Lakes Coffee, amazing beard essentials from Top Notch Grizzly, and TheraPaint artwork to two of our raffle winners!

I can not thank James Chung enough for helping to curate this event and for introducing me to exciting people and ideas.

A special kind of gratitude goes out to my favorites, Kortney Harris, and Mateo Diaz.  Without you two, we could not have pulled all of this off in such a short time (at least not as interestingly hehe).  To Frankie for being our careful and courteous watch.  Thank you, my darlings for spending your rarely free time working on this with me.

Thank you ALL again for supporting, viewing, sharing, praying, and contributing in your unique ways.  ❤

photo cred: Kortney Harris

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