I’ve been told over and over again by doctors and therapists and family and friends and basically everyone I know that I need to be gentler on my body and to take more time to rest and relax it. I’ve always struggled with being able to relax. Even in the design world; professors tell me over and over again to “relax” as I create (much to my chagrin).

Anyways, I like to stay busy and be productive. But now that I’m in a situation where I physically can’t/shouldn’t do too much, my mind becomes an anxious mess. The word “pace” is repeated to me over and over again. And each time I think I’ve allowed myself time to rest, I feel decent. And on those decent days I, admittedly, do more than I should and then end up paying for it for days on end.

Today is one of those days that I am paying big time…it all HURTS. And as it hurts I try to find ways to distract myself from the pain but that just leads to more damage being caused.

So, please help with some ideas to entertain myself while in a more sedentary state!

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