Small ones for the rough ones

Feeling like this is a flare up I won’t see an end to. After doing everything I can to pause the pain, it is still winning. Beginning to forget the feeling of feeling good. Beginning to feel like nothing but sleeping my days away will get me out of this. Like one day I might wake up and the hurt will be gone. And then I remember reality, and that it’s a rare miracle I’m asking for. My cousin asked for this quote “with God, anything is possible”. I began to play with this to try and distract myself. And I find it funny because my little cousin gave me something that holds such great wisdom. With God, ANYTHING is possible. Anything. Everything. The good and the bad. All of it. So maybe this is the bad parts. Maybe (hopefully) this is the worst parts 🤷🏻‍♀️. Maybe not. But knowing that ANYTHING is possible brings some crazy kind of hope. That I’m feeling this now but God can turn my suffering into a blessing somehow since

a n y t h i n g is p o s s i b l e

Maybe I will know when or why. Maybe I won’t. But the possibility is there, right? So thanks, Genavieve for this quote.

Normally I wouldn’t post something without perfectly straight lines and text but the fact that I’ve gotten out of bed today is quite an accomplishment in itself. So here it is, crooked text and all.

Here are a few other small ones for the rough days

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