Today is National Fibromyalgia Day. I won’t say ‘happy fibromyalgia day!’ for obvious reasons but I will acknowledge it and I will learn to embrace it.

This painting is my purple contribution.

It was painted at a time before I ever knew what fibromyalgia was.

A time before I could even fathom such destruction happening to one’s body.

A time before I ever thought my life would be turned inside out.

You can see how I boldly played with vibrant colors and uplifting backgrounds. That was a time where I painted with no worries on my mind and the focus was on a task assigned to me.

Now, I paint with a heavy heart and weakened limbs.

But nonetheless, I paint.

I paint with Fibromyalgia.

Actually, I paint because of Fibromyalgia. That is how I will see this burden as my blessing.

This weakness has actually strengthened me through the scariest moments of my life. The pain has conditioned me into learning that I can survive just about anything.


Pace is the most challenging characteristic of Fibro.

But one day I will master it.

I will pace.

Just as a caterpillar lives it’s life at its own pace,

rests at its own pace,

and begins to bloom into an extraordinary being at its own pace.

As I will blossom and soar not despite fibromyalgia, but because of it.

💜 I couldn’t love you sufferers more than I do now as I can understand what you fight against every single day.

But we got this

Because God got us 💪🏻

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