Watercolor on Bristol –

11″ x 14″ –

Spoken For –

This one here is the epitome of the mantra

‘Find What Feels Good’

made aware to me by Adriene Louise (amazing yoga teacher on YouTube).

Today I said NO to something important. A critical part of my continued education; something I’ve wanted to work towards since I can remember. But things change. Sometimes life changes us.


I’m yelling this out to myself because I know I’ll need this reminder. After praying for guidance and direction, I’ve not been convinced that saying NO is the wrong answer. I’m unsure if it’s the right answer but it’s the only one I have for now. Maybe NO can mean “not yet” or “not ever”. For me, I’m not sure which it is at this moment.

Saying NO can disappoint you or others, make you feel like a failure, crush your spirits a bit or a lot. But the reasons behind the NO are worth more than surface feelings. Today, I realized that saying NO hurts (a lot) but momentarily. I’ll be proud of myself for listening to my body’s needs for my health’s and sanity’s sake.

So, NO for now doesn’t make us weak or on the losing end. It makes us strong for facing the unplanned path and finding what feels good/right to us

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