Making of ‘For the Sake of Healing’

I’ve been avoiding even touching this piece. I bought it a few months ago and haven’t conquered it because it intimidated me for some blank reason. “It’s too much for me to paint” or “I barely have any space left to hang it up” or “it’s gotta be perfect!”. That perfect idea never came for this piece of canvas. And now I know why…perfect is not what TheraPaint is about.

It’s about MAKING

for the sake of HEALING.

And maybe it didn’t feel right to paint it before because my mind was saving this piece for a time it knew I needed healing the most. That time is now. So thank you, past lack of intrigue 😜. I have 0 direction for this one. I’m going into it blindly but intuitively. Allowing just my emotions and subconscious to guide me. I can’t wait to see where it takes me. Here goes…


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