‘The LoveSick Collection’

This is the first of ‘The LoveSick Collection’. The last that I started to paint, the one that got me through it enough so that I am able to even write this post.  This one is…

‘For the Sake of Healing’


The Making of ‘For the Sake of Healing’

Two more follow…

‘Crushed Hearts’

The first of this collection I painted…the one that represents us to our core.  Both hearts crushed and confused.


Holiday Heartache‘ for the loners on the holidays

Broken‘ – I’ve been struggling to finish this painting because of the emotional impact it has over me.  Yes, it has a power over my actions that are preventing me from working on it.  It represents two parts that have become disconnected and shattered.  Have you ever been emotionally defeated by a piece you’ve tried to complete?  I thought I’ve felt art before but I don’t know if I’ve ever felt it restrain me in such a way.  But, I WILL finish this piece.


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