‘Crushed Hearts’

Acrylic, Alcohol Ink, Spackle on Foam Board –

27″ Diameter –

This piece started out as solid black foam board.

Black is beautiful all on its own.  It’s strong and bold.

It seemed too perfect for reality.  I began to add spackling to give it some texture, some rough edges, but also to bring in more depth and density.  After the spackle dried, I painted a pattern of two strong colors – Red and Black.


Red is passionate.  It is emotional. It ranges from dull to vibrant.

Black is contrasting to that. It is logical. It does not deter from its primary path.

These two colors worked beside each other for some time.  They created a deep sense of purpose and intrigue.  They complemented each other beautifully.  They worked well side by side.  They were painted on an essential material, one that bonded them to their foundation.

And then time happened.

And with time came unsuspected hues. 

This brought on streaks of inexplicable forms.  Sometimes adding to their aesthetic. Other times crushing them.  The silver lining enhanced them, brought things out of the both of them that they didn’t know was there.


With any silver lining, chaos is in its midst.  Chaotic hues splattered across them.

These hues were injuries.  They were lies.  They were distrust.  They were insecurities.  They were feelings lost. They were feelings hurt. They were damaging.

They were crushing.

What was once orderly and structured became unconventional and pierced.

The chaos made its way from the surface down to their core.

It crushed them from the inside out.


This piece is us.

He was my Black.  My strong, my unchanging, my logical counterpart.


I was his Red.  His intense, his explorative, his intuitive partner.


We were on the same cycle of life…we were good together.  Our colors still are good together, work with one another, complement each other, create balance.

But its the mess of life splashing all around us. 

Breaking us apart.

Crushing us to our core.

Crushing our bond.


This piece is us.

This piece is our Crushed Hearts.




may 2018

Posted in Art

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