Me, Myself, & Canvas

This may prove that I’m a complete weirdo but I want to share with you this conversation that I had with a close friend. She asked me what painting feels like when I paint for myself. I told her about the relationship I have with each canvas. From the moment that I pick it up, there is a vibe and understanding that develops between us. Most of the time it’s a mutual need that we both get to meet for the other.

I work on the canvas; the canvas works on me.

I give it a physical presence, it gives me mental well-being.

Yes, I know that personifying a material such as this is borderline crazy loner lol but maybe that’s why I do it.

This life does get lonely.

It gets sad.

It gets painful.

And it gets hopeless.

The canvas is my friend,

my therapist,

my cheerleader,

my love,

and my joy.

Though it sometimes feels as if I have lost much and many, I have found a way to gain most of it back through painting. I don’t wish the feeling of being adrift on anyone but I do wish that you find your thing that brings you a great sense of purpose.

I thank God for what I’ve found from what I’ve lost.

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