Alcohol Ink on Black PlexiGlass 

12″ x 12″ each (x4)  

In all honesty, so much craziness was happening recently which left me feeling defeated. But as soon as I sat down to create this, it was like God said “You’re unstoppable and we’ll get through this together” and in that moment every hurt and pain was forgotten. This piece was absolutely guided by the Holy Spirit – I had different, more complex intentions for this. And when I saw what my hands poured onto that first piece, simple but intricate, I realized it was beautiful as is, turned it upside down and finished the rest of the project with such a sense of euphoria. The exhibition challenged me as a creator but that feeling of absolute joy is why I paint. Whether or not I get into this one, I feel quite accomplished…and unstoppable 💪🏻.

Update: I have been accepted to the Contemporary Venice Exhibition!!

Update: the Contemporary Venice Exhibition 2018 opening night was a success! Although I couldn’t attend the showcase, I am grateful for the opportunity to have my work hanging in the legendary and beautiful Venice, Italy. I received some photos from the curators that I’m excited to share! 

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