This One’s For You, Dad

On the morning of my dad’s funeral I received a draft of this soon-to-be published art book by Contemporary Art Curator.

It was quite bittersweet.

My dad was my absolute biggest fan. He believed in me more than I could ever believe in myself. He witnessed the solace I found when painting. He took seriously all the messes I made. He watched me hunched over on the grass during the summer and set up a spot in the garage for me. He saw me paint through the fall and set up a spot in the house for me so that I never missed an opportunity to paint.

He encouraged me as I transformed pain into paintings. He made sure I had everything I needed in order to continue making madness. He supported everything I pursued.

My dad understood what exhibitions in New York and Venice, Italy meant to me. He taught me to invest in myself, to dare and to take risks.

I was so excited to share this book with him. I wanted to make him proud to have the Ita name within the global art world.

I can’t show you this page in person, baba but I know that you are watching as I keep pushing through.


I dedicate this feature to you, daddy. ♥️

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6 thoughts on “This One’s For You, Dad

    1. He’s with you always 💗
      And very proud of you and all you accomplish through adversity!

      You encourage me to push forward, thank you for sharing 💗

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