It’s Liquid (Venice Exhibition) – Interview


Baba, you were so excited about this one! When I first told you the news of the Venice, Italy Exhibition you said:

“oh, Rawana! You have to go to Venice!”

I wanted to so badly visit Venice, Italy. But God intervened and He brought upon so many obstacles to keep me home.

Home with you ♥️

And I am so grateful for those doors closing and keeping me here, close to you.

Soon after I decided to participate in the exhibition, you got sick. So sick. And soon after I submitted my pieces, you were hospitalized. I received photos from the exhibition and I was so proud to share that with you. And then the interview came and you got too sick to stick around to see this…our family name associated with an international art, architecture, and design company.

You would have loved this, bob.

I try to remember that you now have the best view there is! That you do see this, and you do know where I’m headed.

There’s more to come and I want to honor your name in all I can make.

You gave me the confidence to put myself and my work out there. And here it is! It’s out, baba. And I pray that this is only the beginning.


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