Artist & Creator: Rawan Ita

Rawan Ita is a Detroit based artist of Babylonian descent.  She was a full-time graduate student studying architecture, an intern, hairstylist, and volunteer. 

On January 20th, 2017 life, as she knew it, had changed. 

As she was walking across a lot, she was hit by an SUV.  As a result, Rawan lost much of her physical capabilities.  Injuries involving her spine, musculoskeletal, and nerves left her weakened and hurting.

Her limited mobility and loneliness inspired her to find purpose in new circumstances.  She needed a form of release.  She found art and quickly realized the power it has over inner healing. 

To create, Rawan persists throughthe pain and finds therapy through painting; splashing her fear, anger, and pain onto various substrates. Whether she paints with alcohol ink, watercolor, or acrylic, Rawan always discovers a place of safety, relief, and pure bliss as she experiments with canvas, glass, tile,vinyl, and wood.

Her fascination with painting bloomed from a traumatic event but she thanks God for the gift of making art. She finds it a blessing to be able to express the good, the bad, & the truth through what she calls Project TheraPaint. Her faith taught her how to persevere while painting brought a sense of purpose back into her life. In the beginning of her art endeavor, Rawan was invited to showcase her work in Detroit, Chicago, New York City, and Venice, Italy. As her artistry grows, Rawan’s hope is that others may connect with her emotionally evoking paintings & find inspiration through their own journey.

Exhibitions & Publications

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