The Lost Loves Collection

‘The Lost Loves Collection’ is dedicated to those that we’ve loved and lost.
This collection was inspired by my own loss, the passing of my sweet father, Rakan Jamil Ita

When my dad became a victim to cancer, I couldn’t find the will to paint. I couldn’t allow myself an escape or a place of refuge when my dad didn’t have one. How could I find peace and joy in something when he was suffering so much? On January 26th, 2019, he was called to Heaven on a bright and glorious winter morning.

I didn’t know how to paint after losing him. He was such a huge part of my artistry and of every aspect of my life. After my accident in 2017, my dad became my best friend. We spent every day together…driving me to appts, taking me any and everywhere so that I could find happiness in the moment, even collecting grape leaves together, haha! God blessed me with two incredible years with my dad and allowed our relationship to grow tremendously. Those irreplaceable memories make it that much harder to get back into what he helped get me into – art making.

Shortly after losing my dad, my family lost another love,
Corinn Alexia Linkowski

On February 13th, Corinn was in a car accident which resulted in her early departure Home. Corinn’s presence is noticeably missed by us all. Without her unique laugh and silly humor, family gatherings are a bit mellow.

Without my dad’s deep voice singing back to Craig, Corinn’s dad, family gatherings are a bit quieter.

To honor these lost loves, I began to create a couple of pieces. One for my dad and one for Corinn (her piece will soon be linked).

So, about 6 months have passed and I am finally ready to display the first of ‘The Lost Loves Collection’.

Here is ‘Reborn

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