The Left-Handed Series

‘The Left-Handed Series’ is dedicated to those that have had to find
other ways to create even other ways to live.


The Left-Handed Series consists of oil paintings mostly on sheets of bristol. I picked up oils because I was able to lay vivid layers of color down on paper without causing too much physical strain on my arms and fingers. That might sound a bit strange to some of you…but, for those of you who do suffer from chronic pain and flare-ups due to injury or illness, you probably know what I mean.


I usually love to make with watercolor and acrylic paint (my go-to mediums) but sometimes I just don’t have the finger power to cover a decent amount of the surface. If you’ve used oil paint, you know how rich and smooth that lucious medium is!

74316489a5d75258ada26e19cb0e4c42‘Again & Again’

Something that The Left-Handed Series has taught me is to not limit my creativity because of my physical limitations. It’s easier said than done sometimes, but getting out of bed (or even painting in bed during those must-rest days) and grabbing a tube of color and moving it around with even just your fingers and a palette knife is a magical experience.

Aside from art, I’ve learned to use other tools and equipment to help with my new needs and such.

I’d love to hear about your unique ways of creating in different circumstances.

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