'Lady Justice'

Watercolor and Charcoal

Prints available on Etsy

How appropriate it is to share my Lady Justice painting with you today. Today is the day that I finalize my own path to justice. For these past 3 gruesome years, I have fought and fought for my rights as an insured by #FarmBureau and yet, I have been mistreated, misled, and mistaken as a weak little foreign female by my own insurance company. They have no idea how their undignified actions have turned my pain and weakness into my greatest defense. But they will know that today.

An injustice was done to me on January 20th, 2017 when I was a pedestrian that was crashed into by an SUV. This was done by accident. An even worse injustice has been done by my insurance company for disregarding me as a human that they are supposed to “insure”. I say that this is worse because this is not being done on accident.

Whatever happens after today, I have to learn to accept. Because God is allowing it to happen. And also because I know I threw every single painful punch I could to defend, protect, and insure myself the way that they should have. No one will fight for you the way you need to fight for yourself. Don’t ever quit on yourself.

This is not the same thing as walking away from something that is unhealthy for you. This is about standing up for what is right, even when you cry and scream at night because of the anguish.

Turn that anguish into productivity…I’ve turned it into ‘Lady Justice’.

July 2018

Bring ‘Lady Justice’ into your home

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